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FNAC|Bone Marrow Studies|Coagulation Studies

What is FNAC?
FNAC means fine needle aspiration cytology. A fine needle is used to aspirate a small quantity of cells from the lesion. The pathologist studies them to yield information about the disease.

Is this procedure painful?
Yes. As this procedure uses a needle, it is painful. However, this pain is subtle and bearable (just like giving blood for testing).

Is it necessary to anaesthetize the area of procedure?
No. Since this is a bearable procedure, it is not required. On the contrary, an injection for anesthesia may give more pain!

How many times the needle prick is made?
It depends on the size of the lesion, its nature and the success of the attempt/s made. For example, a larger lump may need more than one attempt to represent maximum area of disease. In case the lump is filled with fluid or pus, it may melt away in a single attempt also. Usually 1-3 attempts yield sufficient material. The pathologist performing the procedure would decide on this.

How much time goes in this procedure?
The actual procedure usually does not take more than 2-3 minutes. Registration process, billing, post-procedure time etc. would take nearly 30-40 minutes in all.

What precautions should be taken before this procedure?
This is a simple office procedure and no preparation is required. However, one should not be fasting for more than 6 hours.

What care should be taken after this procedure?
One may feel some pain, post-procedure, that is not serious. Still one can apply ice on the affected part. One can do all activities after the procedure.

Is it possible to give precise diagnosis from this procedure?
It is not possible every time. However, it can be made in 30-40 % of cases. A similar percentage of cases will get some important direction for further line of management. A small fraction of cases (10-15%) may not yield any significant information at all.

Is it mandatory to give consent for this procedure?
Yes. According to the guidelines of medical establishment, it is mandatory to have a written consent for this procedure. If the patient is less than 18 years of age then one of the parents or guardian can give consent.

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