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What are the Coagulation studies?

Coagulation studies are certain types of blood tests which are advised by the doctors when they suspect some kind of bleeding disorders, coagulation factor deficiencies or coagulation factor inhibitors in a person. Some times, such tests are advised in a person whose has a family member of bleeding disorders, and some times, prior to surgeries as a part of pre-operative evaluation.

Examples of the bleeding disorders and related disorders are Hemophilia A, B, or C, Von Willebrand diseases, etc. Examples of the coagulation studies are Prothombin time (PT), Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT), Correction and mixing studies, Coagulation factor assays, Factor inhibitor studies, DRVVT, etc.

How much time goes in this procedure?

Normally, blood collection is done just like giving blood for any other blood tests.

Is there any special requirement for these tests?

Blood collection requires to be done in special tubes containing sodium citrate as an anticoagulant. The proportion of the blood and anticoagulant also has to be proper for the correct results. The test should be done within few hours of the sample collection or else sample should be preserved in deep freezer at proper temperature.

What precautions should be taken before this procedure?

No special precaution is required. One should inform to his doctor about his medications or blood transfusions. Because certain medicines and recent transfusion of blood products alter the results of this tests drastically. One should also inform to doctor if he/she has history of excessive bleeding from blood collection site after blood collection.

What care should be taken after this procedure?

No, special care is required. Bleeding is not common after blood collection. In case of bleeding from blood collection site, direct pressure can stop the bleeding.

When is the result available?

Most of these assays are reported on the same day of the sample collection. Inquire with the laboratory/doctor at the time of testing about the test result availability.

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