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Apart from laboratory services, BCL India also has a name in consultation services for fields related to Surgical Pathology, Haemotopathology, Cytology, Clinical Pathology and immunohistochemistry. We provide our expertise to doctors, Clinical research organizations and organizations that are involved in the study of above mentioned field and who have their own laboratory setups. All services provided by us are in tune with the standard procedures associated with a test or instrument. The services are also customized as per the requirement of the client or organization such as in-house or out-house, restrained to a specific area, etc.

BCL takes pride in having a team of experts that specialize in the field of research and pathology. Regular training for all the staff is a trend at BCL that has helped us be a step ahead by being up-to-date with all the latest advancement in pathological research procedures. This is achieved by engaging in CMEs, Conferences and other educational activated at regular intervals.

BCL with its consultancy service, shares all related details including its own experiences so that you are ensured the best of outcomes in the fields related to research, checkups, QC programmes, pathology, accreditations, instrumentations, etc.

Our consultation also provide for upgradations for your facilities with upgrades such as barcoding, laboratory interfacing services, etc so as to help you make a distinct image for your organization in the current competitive market.

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